Hello, I am Kelly.  I am the girl next door, who has had a lot of life experience.  I am a wife to Seth who has been with me through it all.  We have a passionate calling for helping marriages amidst the storms of life.

I am also a mother to six children.  Four of my children have passed away and reside in Heaven.  I write openly about their loss and the light they left behind. We have been blessed with two inquisitive sweethearts, who are trapped under my mother duck wings.

I have been healing from serious chronic health issues, so I try to dodge the cooties any chance I can! I write candidly about my struggles in the hopes to help others feel not so alone.

I also homeschool my two kiddos.  Some days everything goes splendidly, while other times I question my sanity!

I love my Heavenly Father and hope to bring glory to His name. No matter how hard the hurts have been, He has never left our side.

You can also follow me on my latest endeavor as a contributor for theglorioustable.com!

You may see that I am writing G-d a little bit differently.  I have strong beautiful Jewish roots on my mother’s side, where we do not write out the full spelling of G-d to observe the sacredness of His name.


One thought on “About

  1. Kelly, I’ve checked out the glorious table and now your blog. All excellent! I love hearing/reading your stories. Thank you for the cookies! Dick loves them.


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