The Boxes Came…

So the school books showed up today (sigh)… Time to pull my hair out and pray to the Lord for sweet mercy.

If you would have told me 3 years ago I would be homeschooling, I would have thought you had gone mad. 2 years ago, we joined the homeschooling ranks. I would love to say that I am the Julie Andrews equivalent of Maria in The Sound of Music. Yes, to be able to say we get up in the morning with a song on our lips as we happily prance around the house snapping the shades open to let the brilliant rays of sunlight dance across the floor. (While we are in this pipe dream) Let’s add the fact that the kids eagerly do their assignments, keep their cubbies tidy, and everything gets done with hours to spare (said no homeschooling Mom ever)!  Don’t forget we have time to go to the park wearing our hand sewn clothing made out of my couch covers (because, we don’t own drapes). Yes, we make up songs and sing so beautifully while we ride our bikes in descending height (never mind the littlest may be slightly tone deaf) all matching in our couch covers turned clothes.  No skinny jeans here!

Now  that we got all of those delusions out of our heads, let’s divvy up the facts.  We tend to sleep in.  We start at the butt crack of 9:30, and morning light can shimmer there after.  It is the one part of day I HATE talking, or especially being talked too.  I need at least 15 minutes to wake up to be nice (Seth says it’s longer).  Being that I have a shorter hair-do, I stumble around the house sporting the Cockatoo hair look with my glasses, not a lick of makeup, and my fluffy blue bathrobe to add to my foxy mama look.

Yep, we tend to stay in our pj’s till it dawns on me that we may need to eventually go outside for “recess” around 3 or 4pm, because, yeah I forgot.  I don’t answer the door because no one needs to see this!!  The kids on the other hand are night owls/morning birds, bless their sweet hearts (insert sarcasm).  Somewhere along the years, I lost my morning bird capabilities.

Thankfully, they tend to hit the ground running and are self starters. While it takes me a while to get going. Once I get into my groove, we fly.  I have learned more in the past year than I think I did in all 4 years of high school.

Oddly enough, I do love it.  I love them not having to frantically race around to beat the clock.  I adore seeing them fully engage in subjects they are passionate about.  I feel accomplished making quality lunches with a touch of gourmet, to add a little spark in our day.  My heart sings seeing the smiles on their faces when they gain new understanding in a subject and know, I taught them!!

I won’t tell you that they both hate writing(I am still in denial). I won’t tell you that Literature and Comprehension papers make me what to run down the street  flailing my arms around while screaming, “I can’t take it any more!!!”  All because they don’t see the necessity of writing in complete sentences.

All silliness aside, for us and for now, this works. We have made homeschool a family affair.  Seth takes Art (snore) and Science (meh).  They get their daddy bonding time all mixed in with education, killing two birds with one stone!  Some days we nail it and others we just look a hot mess!

Last year we worked well into the bedtime hours, but I am hoping I learned my lesson.  No need for overachieving this year, as I would like to be able to turn my neck. The crazy part is after their school is done, Seth and I have our own homework that needs to be completed for our ministry classes.  Trying to cram extra info in our brains long after the day is done, brilliant!  Plus, I am writing for another exciting project on top of trying to update this blog into it’s own blogdome (if that is even a word).

Honestly we are thankful. We are reminded daily that there are so many who long for a good education, let alone right in the comfort of their own home.  While so many people around the world are facing life and death situations, we are blessed that our only gripe is homework.  I am thankful for this opportunity to share with my young ones, as they only stay small for a short while.  I am grateful that the good Lord can help me find sanity in the humor amidst the sea of stress.  I am assured they will be able to have plenty of hilarious material to provide to their therapist when they finally leave the nest and come to the conclusion, Mom gave it her best.

Are you tuckered out yet? Yes, so am I. Says the mom, who refuses to open the school books (all 10 boxes of them) until she is good and ready…

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