Is Time Stealing Your Peace?

Is today one of those days where everything seem to be stuck on fast forward?  Do you ever feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day?  Do you ever just love the idea of closing everything down and living in The Berenstein Bear tree house?  Okay, maybe the last part is just me.

I miss simple!!  What you see is what you get.  I love the idea of having just enough technology to help us out, but not so much that it controls us.  Remember when technology was supposed to make our lives easier?  Yet it seems to have made things busier and harder.  Between the internet and the cell phones we are expected to be reachable at any hour of the day with a response in hand ASAP!

Think about it, even 25 years ago when you came home from work, your work stayed there.  One kid fought for domain over the phone and was kicked off within a half hour; to make sure the phone line stayed open.   TV had only a few channels.    If your show wasn’t on, you weren’t interested.  Everyone in the family had to eventually communicate, because let’s face it, you had nothing else to do.

Now we have cell phones.  Which means your bosses, co-workers, and the people that need you, can reach you at all times.   If people aren’t talking on the phone,  they’re on social media.  I can’t tell you how often I see people pull out their phones in the middle of a face to face conversation to check their FB account.  Their FB account!!! What’s worse is when they scroll through, looking for something while missing out on actual human interaction!

Seriously people,





Deep cleansing breath.

Don’t even get me started on the hundreds of channels and movie streaming options, just to hear kids say, “I’m bored.  I already saw that one.”  Tough.   If watching a rerun is the worst thing in your life, consider yourself  blessed.

The norm today is our children having  a full day of school, then shuttling them back and forth from sports, clubs, and events.  Some how dinner is always eaten on the go.   The countless trips back and forth with one kid going here and the other kid going there… Before you know it, the evening is over and you wonder, where did the time go?  Did I do everything I was supposed to?  Did I pay the bills to the correct payee?  Oh man, I forgot to get to the store!

Before you think I am throwing stones, know that I too battle the pulling in every direction.  We do home school, but it is through a state mandated program.  While I do teach, I have to answer to the teachers and follow regulations and time requirements.  I am trying to balance teaching my kids 8 hours a day, write, pay my bills, clean (yeah, not happening), grocery shop, try to remember to feed us, answer my emails/return calls, ministry/college classes, study for exams, field trips, church, family functions, bible study…  That is just the list I can think of off the top of my head.  Which means I am probably forgetting stuff, as usual.  In other words, every word I share is because of what I have observed or done in my own life.

What I am saying is;  could our families be overbooked and going broke trying to make sure that we have it all? Maybe we are missing something?

It’s called rest and peace.

So I decided to get back to basics.  We all know G-d created the earth and everything in it and on the 7th day, He rested.

Remember when on Sundays the whole town shut down?  You went to church.  Sometimes you hit up a potluck or just went home and ate a big brunch and took a long nap!  I grew up in smaller towns, but rarely were any stores ever open.  You would think you hit the jackpot if a gas station was open!

I miss those days of simplicity.  I have been determined to experiment and see if I would see any difference in my life, by giving one day over.

Since our schedules are so busy, we decided to find a 24 hour period where we just stop working.   We still cook and do the dishes, but leave all the cleaning, school, work, and stress off the burner.

At first it was really weird.  We found ourselves almost antsy with a need to work.   My mind kept going to all the things I should be doing.  However, as the day wore on we all became less snappy and more happy.  We watched a movie with the kids, we took a long walk outside, played in the yard, we spent time praying, and just resting.  It was better than vacation!  There was no itinerary, no pounding pace, just peace.

I will admit it, every time our day of rest comes, we find temptation to skip.  I have noticed on the weeks that we took a Sabbath, the rest of the week just seemed less chaotic.  I didn’t feel as frantic.   The best part, the kids count down to our Sabbath day with great anticipation!  I may even implement a no phone/internet day.  The more I have studied the bible, I am realizing that G-d has wired us to rest.   The King of the  Universe Himself, took a day to rest!!

In most parts of America, Sunday is no different than any other day.  Most stores and restaurants are open.  Events, sports, and even kids sports practices and games are now scheduled on Sundays!

Is it me, or does it seem that America is like the little child who ate too much candy and refuses to take a nap?  We all know how much lack of sleep reeks havoc on a small child.  We also know, that anyone around that child will suffer for their lack!

Know this, I am not coming at you in a place of condemnation.  I am just sharing what has given me great hope! Pray about what really needs to stay a priority in your life.  Then try the experiment for yourself and see how it works out for you and your family!!  It may take several times before you get the hang of it.  If it doesn’t work out one week, try for the next!

My hope is for all of us to walk in the victory that G-d has for us.  He longs for us to slow down and enjoy the very precious gift that He has given us, to love life! 

Go on and enjoy!!  I would love for you to share how this experiment worked out for you and your family.  Maybe you already do this and would like to share what you do on your day of rest.

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